Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens

Alexandre Muir Memorial Gardens is a municipal park located in Toronto, Ontario. It was created by subscription to the public in 1933. The gardens are named after composer Alexander Muir, who is also known for his song “The Maple Leaf Forever.” The Garden is located at 2901 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4N 3N8.

The Alexander Muir Memorial Garden honours the composer of the patriotic anthem, “The Maple Leaf Forever.” The garden features numerous walking paths, many flowers, and maple leaves. The gardens’ ravine also honours the composer of the famous song. In the wintertime, the garden is covered in snow, making it a romantic and mystical setting for engagement photos. It also contains a trail to explore the ravine system nearby.

The Alexander Muir Memorial Garden was almost lost, due to the construction of the Yonge Street subway. The Toronto Transit Commission had to fill in a ravine to construct a new subway station, and it pledged to cover the cost of moving the memorial. There were several new sites proposed, but the gardens were eventually moved a few blocks south and north to avoid construction. A new park was then built on the site. Browse next article

One of Toronto’s best kept secrets is its municipal park, the Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens. Established in 1933 by public subscription, this garden was named for composer Alexander Muir, who wrote the song, “The Maple Leaf Forever.” If you’re wondering what’s the best way to enjoy the park, here are a few ideas. Enjoy the trails in the park to get a fuller picture of its many attractions.

The Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens is an urban park in Toronto, Canada, named for the patriotic composer Alexander Muir. He was responsible for writing the patriotic song, “The Maple Leaf Forever.” It features multi-level tiers, a brook, and walking trails. During winter, the gardens transform into a snow-covered wonderland. You can also get a great view of the surrounding ravine system by walking through the gardens.

The Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens in Toronto is a popular location for outdoor photography. The gardens are named for Alexander Muir, who composed the National Anthem, “The Maple Leaf Forever.” This garden is located south of Lawrence and east of Yonge. It features roses and lavender, benches, lawn bowling and tennis courts, and is set within the Blythwood Ravine park.

The gardens are the perfect place to hold a wedding or other event. The Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens also contain a poem by Alexander Muir and words of re-dedication. The poet and educator was well known for his work, and his words are still remembered in the gardens. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful gardens year-round. To learn more about the Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens, check out the information below. More about